Vision & Commitment

"I have always believed that we have to make things happen than wait for things to happen. Every achievement of Pavilions & Interiors, for me, is a step in a journey, never the final destination. I strongly believe that in each one of our areas of expertise, be it Design, Exhibitions, Retail Merchandising or Retail Implementations, our endeavor should remain constant--To be the best"
M.R. Baburam,
Chairman & Managing Director


P&I offers world-class, comprehensive design solutions to discerning clients.


  • To provide the highest quality at viable cost options.
  • To deliver on time every time.
  • To be prepared for all contingencies-our preparedness for such uncertain events comes from years of experience.
  • To ensure that the services are apt in effectiveness.
  • To see each client as a special one - to understand the clients' needs and customize our solutions after a detailed study of each requirement.