Our Strength

Nationwide Network

Our network of offices, workshops and warehouses span the width and breadth of India like no other player in the field.

Over four decades of experience, unparalleled in-house resources, and an unmatched track record of offering unique design solutions have put P&I at a vantage position from where it can execute projects with perfection. P&I has mastered the art of first mapping the aspirations and expectations of its clients, and then fulfilling them with all the resources at its disposal, using the vast experience accumulated during its long haul journey in the industry. Since incorporation, the company has earned the reputation of executing projects with perfection.

Skilled workforce

  • Highly skilled workforce consisting of professionals aided by modern technology, and tools, excels in creating outstanding and unique models, ensuring the customer gets optimal ROI

    • Pool of engineers, artists, and visualizers empowers the company to colour outside the lines and come up with innovative ideas and out-of-the-box design solutions

    • With some of the most creative brains onboard, P&I can boast of having the best and biggest team in this industry

Robust Infrastructure

    • Commands huge and robust infrastructure enabling it for seamless execution of projects on time, and with ease and perfection                     
    • Boasts of 157900 sq. ft. of space at its production canters across India. The enormous size and scale of its inventory make it easy for the company to offer technically sound yet visually enthralling designs
    •  A fully equipped studio, complete with multimedia systems, digital printers, scanners and the latest in software enables P&I to create outstanding designs and models. P&I has a wide range of equipment and tools built over the years that not many in the business possess                          
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