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Every industry comes with its own language, and we want you to feel confident in the processes we employ to get your projects done. We are true partners with our clients, and we love to share our knowledge with them. Here are some resources to help you feel comfortable speaking our language. We’ve also included the essential Trade Show Planning Guide and our very popular Trade Show Planning Checklist – both invaluable resources for anyone with an upcoming trade show.

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Essar Pavilion at Petrotech 2019
Herbalife Extravaganza, Bangalore
Hyundai Auto Expo 2020
ISRO Pavilion at Thissur Pooram Exhibition 2019
Larsen and Toubro at Gridtech 2019
P&I Home Workstations
Showcases & background graphics with podium for Golden man by P&I at National Museum
Taiwan Expo 2019
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