Setting benchmarks since 1972

Pavilions and Interiors Pvt. Ltd. or more popularly known as P&I, is one of the biggest and most trusted names in Exhibition Design, Fabrication, Events, Retail, Interiors and Museums industry. P&I has played a pioneering role in setting industry standards and delivering a plethora of creative design solutions, ranging from corporate Shows, retail solutions, interior design, and captivating museums.

We have been reinventing ourselves to redefine the industry landscape, bringing designs to life beyond imagination.

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I have always believed that we have to make things happen rather than wait for things to happen. Every achievement of Pavilions & Interiors, for me, is a step in a journey, never the final destination. I strongly believe that in each one of our areas of expertise, be it Design, Exhibitions, Retail, Interiors and Museums, our endeavour should remain constant - To be the best.




  • First ISO Certified Exhibition Design and Fabrication Company in India
  • Crafting magnificent conferences & events
  • Distinct Interior Design Solutions
  • End-to-end Retail & Commercial Interior Solutions
  • Delivering world class museums across India
  • Innovative ideas for corporate shows & pavilions
  • Highly skilled workforce, gifted artists, engineers and technicians
  • Long term Industry Partnership

What we do?

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From Exhibition and Fabrication to Retail, Museum, and Interiors, we handle the complex iterative process with élan and put together a team approach in place.

We tackle tasks typically involving specialized skills, including creative ability, highly specialized technical skills, organizational skills, research ability, and subject matter expertise in a phase-wise manner. At P&I, each task builds on those previously completed, adding detail and refinement. And we ensure that milestones are established throughout the process as a means of communicating, assessing, and recording the project’s progress.

P&I’s design solutions have been widely praised for the marvellous blending of fine aesthetics and contemporary designs. P&I’s growth over the years has been powered by seamless integration of beautiful and functional designs, superior technology, accurate and innovative choice of fabrication materials, scientific construction methods, in time logistics and above all, a trained and highly-skilled manpower.

We have created hundreds of imaginative and impressive structures for clients ranging from Governments to corporate leaders. The diversity of our canvas, the dexterity of our craftsmanship, and the relevance of the communication has proved our capability.

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We commit ourselves to consistently surpass our customers' expectations by providing them with exceptionally innovative designs that are translated into artistic creations to enhance their spatial experience. We strive to achieve this within the stipulated budget and time frames with complete business integrity, utmost courteousness and wholesome concern to society and environment.

Pavilions & Interiors is committed to using progressive technologies to become the best design and fabrication company in Exhibition, Interiors, Events, Retail and Museums.

Strengths and Values

P&I is well-equipped to respond to all challenges, creative or time bound, with the help of its wide range of resources and long years of experience.

Our adept workforce can transform any space, large or small, into an aesthetically exhilarating experience. Setting industry standards by providing design solutions that stand apart for their creativity, feasibility and reliable engineering, P&I has achieved worldwide acclaim for its pioneering work.

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  • A talented pool of artists and visualizers empower the company to colour outside the lines and come up with innovative ideas and out-of-the-box design solutions. With some of the most creative brains onboard aided by modern technology, P&I can boast of having the best and biggest team in the industry.
  • P&I’s 2,00,000 sq. ft. of space at its production and warehouses across India provide an enormous inventory that makes it easy for the company to offer technically sound yet visually enthralling designs.
  • A fully equipped studio, complete with multimedia systems, digital printers, scanners and the latest in software enables P&I to create outstanding designs and models. P&I’s long years of experience in the business has allowed the company to amass a wide range of equipment and tools that few others in the industry can boast of.
  • Five decades of experience, unparalleled in-house resources, and an unmatched track record of offering unique design solutions make Pavilions & Interiors India Pvt. Ltd. (P&I) a pioneer in the industry.
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